Friday, 11 January 2013

Bikestock South Downs Double

Well I am back after a long time away from my blog. It is the new yea rand I am getting my planning and preparation for another go at the South Downs Double. This time I will be setting off from Stanmer Park on the 6th July on my trusty Surly Karate Monkey rigid singlespeed bike and trying to beat my old time, alpine style... That is with NO HELP from anyone else.

To put a little pressure on... I will be inviting the schools that I work with to try and match my mileage as a school by riding 200 miles as a team at an event I am helping to manage in Stanmer Park called Bikestock... 20 riders x 10 miles each = 200 miles! or for that matter 200 riders x 1 mile = 200 miles!

I love the South Downs Double as it is a massive challenge that is right on my doorstep and can be done by anyone stupid enough to try it. There is a small club of people who have done it and I like that... Adventure begins in your own back yard!